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Carti wrote on May 17, 2017 at 2:53 am:
Lake Norman beats Catholic 9-4. LKN jumped out 5-0 in the first half. Catholic clawed back but LKN was able to hold them off. LKN goalkeeper and defense played great all game. Should be interesting how they match up with Middle Creek.
4A Playoffs wrote on May 17, 2017 at 1:47 am:
What people on here do not realize is that although Middle Creek is very explosive on offense they are also very good on defense. Their defense is underrated. They are a very good team and get it done in all aspects of the game.
Mr. Lax wrote on May 16, 2017 at 5:46 pm:
Alright, the game we've been waiting for all year. Absolutely no disrespect meant to Middle Creek, they have had a fantastic season, and I am rooting for them. However I think Gibbons gets it done tonight in a great game by 2 goals.

Weddington over Cuthberson by 10+
Catholic over Lake Norman by 2
Chapel Hill over Cedar Ridge by 1
Private playoffs wrote on May 16, 2017 at 12:07 am:
From www.ncisaa.org/playoff-brackets/?sport=18&currentyear=1:
#1 seed Christ School(near Asheville) hosts #4 Cannon School from Concord and #3 Charlotte Country Day plays at #1 Providence Day in Division 1. I think that the last team standing on Saturday will be Christ School.

In Div 2, #1 Forsyth Country Day hosts Southlake Christian and #2 Cape Fear hosts The Asheville School. When the smoke has cleared on Saturday, I think that CFA will finally win the championshop in a close game. Or maybe I am just hoping the CFA wins.
Next year's new teams wrote on May 15, 2017 at 11:59 pm:
Yes, I know that this season isn't over yet but does anyone know of any confirmed new teams for next year, public or private?

I've heard of two possible new teams in the triangle but haven't been able to confirm them.
Mike wrote on May 15, 2017 at 11:55 pm:
This is a marquee matchup two alpha dogs who have fought and scratched their way to a final four appearance as the hungry CC cougars square of against LN and their wildcats. Looking for two primetime seniors to step up Austin Stewart (Methodist U) for CC and Ryan Caplis (Stevens)for LN. Both these guys going D3, have cannons and can really generate speed to just blow by there defender.
wrote on May 15, 2017 at 12:10 pm:
Does anybody want to give a preview on the private school playoffs as they play in the state semifinals tomorrow?
laxin nc wrote on May 15, 2017 at 11:00 am:
middle creeks schedule isn't Gibbons by any stretch, but the SWAC was still really strong this year as seen by Apex run and the fact that all 6 SWAC playoff teams won a playoff game. The SWAC teams were only eliminated by MC, Gibbons, and Hoggard. They've played Apex twice, Green Hope 3 times, and Hoggard, scrimmage games with NWG, Broughton, Page. Add in 3 games against Holly Springs and 2 against Athens those teams would finish top 2-3 in every other conference in the East.

Regardless of what happens tuesday MC has had a heck of a season and the defense holding hoggard was as impressive as any defensive effort a team has put up this year against an offense people would consider one of the best in the state. both teams are very well tested at this point, but if Gibbons wins it won't be because MC didn't go play 1-2 games against some MD teams. It will just be because they are better. Should be fun.
X-LAX_Dad from Greensboro wrote on May 15, 2017 at 3:25 am:
Here we are down to the last 4 standing in each classification. Went 4 for 4 in last round, so hoping to repeat in this round. Toughest match-up to pick appears to be MC vs. CG, but will address that later.

3A - Cedar Ridge over Chapel Hill by 2-3 goals. I have not seen CR play but have seen their opponent. CR appears to be the 2nd best team in this classification.
Weddington over Cuthbertson - Would expect Weddington to win this by 8-10 goals.

4A - Lake Norman over Charlotte Catholic - LN offense is more consistent and their 'D' is better, as well. Expect this to be 3-4 goal win for the Cats.
Cardinal Gibbons vs. Middle Creek - Very hard to judge just how strong MC is against tough opposition. They have a flawless record but have not played quite the caliber of teams that CG has. See this as the classic - "Offense (MC) sells tickets but defense (CG) wins championships". Have to go with CG with the win by 2 goals. Should be a great contest for the fans and anyone who loves this sport. Would love to be able to watch these two teams go at it in Raleigh.
4A Playoffs wrote on May 14, 2017 at 9:05 pm:
MC vs Gibbons (I believe this is for the state 4A championship). Lake Norman vs Char. Catholic should be a good one but neither team is at the level of Gibbons or MC.
4A Playoffs wrote on May 13, 2017 at 8:08 pm:
The East bracket might not have been perfect but at the end of the day the two most talented teams are in the final 4. MC vs Gibbons should be a very good game.
wrote on May 13, 2017 at 5:49 pm:
Who do you guys think would win in a matchup between Gibbons and Weddington that would be so cool to see them play against each other I would have to go with Weddington by 1 or 2. That would be a awesome game to see.
CLT lax dad from Charotte wrote on May 13, 2017 at 1:17 pm:
What a better game for the final four in the west side. Lake Norman Vs Catholic, one of the best rivalries in the whole state of North Carolina. Everyone always say you must beat catholic or lake Norman to go to the state championship on the west.
Timmy from Enloe wrote on May 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm:
I've been reading about Hoggard and their potent offense all year. Middle Creek put up 17 and look to be the best team in 4A. Semi-finals should be great matchups. MC/Gibbons should go down to the wire, but I like Gibbons to prevail, they've played too many good teams and this is where their SOS will benefit them.

Lake Norman/Catholic should be a great match up as well. These two teams have knocked each other out of playoffs each of the past three years with winner going to Finals, same thing this year. The team with fewer TO's and plays better fundamentally will win, and LKN seems to be the best in the West at limiting mistakes.

Best of Luck to all four teams.
wrote on May 12, 2017 at 7:14 pm:
Cedar Ridge will not contend with Weddington, no chance, Weddington is hands down the best 3A tema
X-Lax_Dad from Greensboro wrote on May 12, 2017 at 2:25 pm:
In response to Lax Dad 23:
I see no possible scenario, unless a plague or hostile aliens were to descend on the Weddington community next week, whereby Weddington does not win the 1A/2A/3A Title this year. I realize "that is why you play the game" and no disrespect to whomever faces them in the Finals, but they are a talented group that could give a good game to any quality NC 4A team - which they have already done this year.
Lax dad 23 wrote on May 12, 2017 at 1:57 pm:
Who will win the 1/2/3 A Bracket. Weddington looks strong but so does cedar ridge who comes out victorious
Mr. Lax wrote on May 11, 2017 at 7:23 pm:
A pathetic showing for me last round going 5 for 8. I need to step my game up!! However, this next round I am very confident with my picks.

Middle Creek over Hoggard, arguably the two best offenses in the state playing against each other. I am confident MC will win this one by 3+.
Gibbons over Apex, outstanding season by the cougars, they are young and will be back in the future. Gibbons is just way too good. Gibbons by 4+

Catholic over Mount Tabor by 5+.

Lake Norman over Reynolds by 4+


Wedding destroys Northern Guilford by 10+
Cuthberson over St. Stephens by 4+
Chapel Hill over Croatan by 4+
3A game of the night: Cedar Ridge over Carrboro by 2+
Medium Lax from CLT wrote on May 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm:
The final 8 teams are pumped and ready to go. This is the type of year where anything could happen. Shoutout to Charlotte Catholic lead by Senior Austin Stewart, expect big things from him and the rest of remaining teams. Best of Luck!
wrote on May 11, 2017 at 4:04 am:
4A predictions:

Gibbons over Apex by 5-6
MC over Hoggard by 1-2
LKN over RJ Reynolds by 4-5
Mt. Tabor over Catholic by 2-3 (my upset pick)
X-LAX_Dad from Greensboro wrote on May 11, 2017 at 2:37 am:
Round 4 Predictions - 4A

I went 7 for 8 in Round 3, so looking to go 4/4 in Round 4.

Cardinal Gibbons over Apex by at least 6 goals. CG too strong on both ends of the field.
Lake Norman over RJ Reynolds by 5 goals. Cats are playing better as season progresses.
Middle Creek over Hoggard in a close game. Nod goes to the home team. See this as a 1-2 goal win with lots of offense from both teams.
Charlotte Catholic victorious in a very close game. See this contest being decided late in the game. Could go either way but going with a team that is now confident and played a much tougher regular season schedule. See that SOS paying off in the playoffs.
Lil Lax wrote on May 11, 2017 at 12:37 am:
Okay I'm just doing what are my playoff predictions, I'm not favoring any teams just pick what's in my gut. I also went 6-8 on my predictions.

Time for Business

Cardinal Gibbons over Apex- by 5 or 6- Gibbons like I said last week no contest, their defense is too good. Apex doesn't have the firepower to play with them.

Hoggard over Middle Creek- by 1 or 2, this maybe a reach but hey anything can happen (CC beats NWG) so why not Middle Creeks D will get tested. But MC's Offense is legit for sure.

R.J. Reynolds over Lake Norman- by 1, Another reach I was wrong last week but I don't know, gut feeling. Plus LN squeaked by AK in OT, Reynolds handled Reagan.

Charlotte Catholic over Mount Tabor- by 3, Catholic is back they proved me wrong and tossed NWG (who I thought was the best in the state)

Final Four Match Ups
CG vs Hoggard
CC vs RJ Reynolds
StickWithUs.org from Charlotte wrote on May 10, 2017 at 12:18 pm:
As we prepare for the 12th Annual NC Great 38 All-Star Lacrosse Game we would like to wish all the teams that are still in the "hunt" best of luck thru the playoffs! Sunday, May 21 face-off at 6:00 pm in the historic Moretz Stadium on the Campus of Lenoirโ€“Rhyne University

A look back at the history of the game:
2016 The 11th Annual NC Great 38 All Star Lacrosse Game. May 22nd, 2016 at Lenoir-Rhyne University, Hickory, NC.
Team Blue 21 - Team Black 14
Team White Goals: Mitch Snyder 3, Peter Pittroff 2, Jono Durham 2, Ryan Young 2, Eric Dickinson 2, Michael Oโ€™Brien 2, Ryan Elliott 1, Luke Gentlesk 1, Davis Sampere 1,
Alex McClure 1, Peyton Smith 1, Jack Shelton 1, Cory Van Ginhoven 1, Tommy Deluca 1. Team Black Goals: Davis Ferguson 2, Blake Condron 2, Jack Hayden 1, Jakob Sawicki 1, Christopher Cox 1, John Donohue 1, Jackson Harris 1, Kevin Barry 1, Mark Schachte 1, Brady Elbin 1, Zachery Hutchko 1, Peyton Smith 1.
Team White Assists: Peter Pittroff 3, Ryan Elliott 3, Mitch Snyder 1, Ryan Young 1, Jono Durham 1, Eric Dickinson 1, Luke Gentlesk 1, Davis Sampere 1, Coleman Mitchell 1,
Jake Hogan 1. Team Black Assists: Jack Hayden 2, Jakob Sawicki 2, Christopher Cox 1, Jack Bruno 1. Team White Saves: Kyle Hornig 9, Fischer Schiemer 8.
Team Black Saves: Matt Nunziata 11, Wesley Wagner 5.
Offense MVP: Davis Sampere, Leesville Road. Defense MVP: Matt Nunziata, Butler.

2015 the 10th Annual NC Great 38 All Star Lacrosse Game. May 30, 2015 in Charlotteโ€™s Downtown Memorial Stadium
Team Blue 15 โ€“ Team Black 13
Team Blue Goals: CJ Carpenter 3, Shane Hanlon 2, Nick Forbes 2, Walker Rice 2, Jack Rich 2, Julian Taylor 2, Daniel Godwin 1, Sheppard Wilson 1. Team Blue Assists:
CJ Carpenter 3, Shane Hanlon 2, Jackson Monnin 1, Chandler Besser 1, Jack Rich 1, Julian Taylor 1, Luke Koferl 1. Team Blue Saves: Nickolas Arcuri 11, Tate Boyce 5.
Team Black Goals: Drew Lukacs 3, Zach Burges 2, Hunter Van Horn 2, Dan Crotty 1, Ned Hennessey 1, Hudson Harris 1, Carson Song 1, Kyle Asher 1, Brendan Farrell 1.
note: Playing for the first time with the MLL 2 point shot โ€“ Drew Lukacs recorded the first ever 2 point shot in the Great 38. Team Black Assists: Benny Thompson 1, Jack Doezer 1, Kyle Asher 1. Team Black Saves: Kevin McKendry 5, John Ruch 4.
Offense MVP: CJ Carpenter, Riverside High School. Defense MVP Kevin McKendry, Cardinal Gibbons.

2014 The 9th Annual NC Great 38, Saturday, May 31 at Providence Day School, Charlotte, NC
Team Blue 18, Team Black 14
Team Blue Goals: Gannon Morrison 6, Colby Lalicker 3, Reid Memmel 3, Will Bost, Dylan Page, Colin Beairsto, Marcus Abrams, Jonah Moore, Scott Baird. Team Blue Assists: Gannon Morrison 2, Will Bost, Chase Scott, Joshua Adams, Jonah Moore.Team Blue Saves: Mitch Renfrow 10, David Meyer 8. Team Black Goals: Davis Weaver 5, Mike Daum 4, Ryan Kendall 2, Connor Pool 2, Bryan Gibson. Team Black Assists: Petey Fabian, Ryan Kendall, Josh Catchoorian, Team Black Saves: Reilly McDermott 13, Tim Brady 6.
Offense MVP Gannon Morrison-Cardinal Gibbons High School; Defense CO-MVPโ€™s Reilly McDermott-Marvin Ridge High School & Mitch Renfrow-Providence Day.

2013 The 8th Annual NC Great 38, Sunday, May 19 at Catawba College, Salisbury, NC
Team Black 19, Team Blue 16
Team Black Goals: Reid Foley 4, Nick Sawyer 3, Nick Damiano 2, Patric Regan 2, Randon Hassell 2, Steve Onak, Tony Asher, Chris Lombardi, Luke Sieber, Tommy Voelkel,
Jack Pedernales. Team Black Assists: Steve Onak 6, Reid Foley, Nick Sawyer, Patric Regan, Rufus Terry, Ethan Tingler. Team Black Saves: Austin Nelli 12, Eric Zelina 7.
Team Blue Goals: Danny Dorsett 4, Michael Hart 3, Justin Phifer 2, Connor Flynn 2, Bryan Kos, Ty Kelly, Derek Sweet, Thomas Grove, Will Donohue.Team Blue Assists: Bryan Kos 4, Stephen Wierzbicki 2, Danny Dorsett, Connor Flynn, Jonathan Henry, Jacob Hargrove, Robbie Bugbee. Team Blue Saves: Byron Fairley 7, Duffy Suhr 3.
Offense MVP Reid Foley-Myers Park HS; Defense CO-MVPโ€™s Austin Nelli-Cardinal Gibbons HS & Byron Fairley-Hoggard HS.

2012 The 7th Annual NC Great 38. Sunday, May 20 at Catawba College, Salisbury, NC
Team Black 14, Team Blue 13
Team Black Goals: Zack Holtz 2, Danny Brown 2, Jake Koferl 2, Connor Prevost 2, Marshall Burlingame, Walker Bettison, Tyler Van Horn, Ben Huger, Angus Musser, Andy Teasdall. Team Black Assists: Sam Lindsay 2, Drew Marsden 1, Danny Brown, Walker Bettision, Ben Huger, Danny Lucas. Team Black Saves: Chris Hawley 8, Merrick Osborne 5,
Matt Sigmund 3. Team Blue Goals: Cole Aboujlie 3, Connor Kennedy 2, Dane Angell 2, Will Scott 2, Matt Skowron 2, Baylor Koch, Stephen Windsor.
Team Blue Assists: Connor Kennedy 2, Carson Clough 2, Cole Aboujilie, Josh Thompson. Team Blue Saves: Talal Alvie 6, Pete Shammas 4, Sam Hartley 3
Offense MVP Connor Kennedy-Weddington HS; Defense MVP Chris Hawley-Wakefield HS

2011 The 6th Annual NC Great 38. Sunday, May 23, at Catawba College Salisbury, NC
Team Black 15, Team Blue 12
Team Black Goals: John Coyne 5, Chandler Zirkle 2, Steven Augustine 1, Devin Peters 1, Hunter Edens 1, Thomas Passenant 1, Brad Burnam 1, Adam Hebert 1,
Jonathan Avedesian 1, Spencer Wichert 1. Team Black Assists: Hunter Edens 2, Brad Burnam 2, Jonathan Avedesian 2, Spencer Wichert 1. Team Black Saves:Branner Getz 8,
Emil Weiss 7. Team Blue Goals: Ryan Lucey 3, Mitchell Dupere 2, Thomas Armstrong 2, Trent Evans 1, Sam Rush 1, Sam Haus 1, Taylor Thilo 1, Charlie Pontiakos 1.
Team Blue Assists: Mitchell Dupere 1, Sam Rush 1, Jay Goldsmith 1. Thomas Armstrong 1. Team Blue Saves: Jake Flynn 13, Lane Beach 7
Offense MVP: John Coyne-Christ School. Defense MVP: Jake Flynn-Providence Day School.

2010 The 5th Annual NC Great 38. Sunday, May 16 at Queen University, Charlotte, NC.
Team Blue 18, Team Black 11.
Goals Team Blue 18: Braxton Deaver 3, Austin Hardy 3, William Lowe 3, Steven Ridolfo 3, Matt Sawyer 2, Cam Feldman 1, Nathan Poulos 1, John Scheich 1, Stephen Wistner 1. Team Black 11: Michael Italiano 3, Kord Scharfenberg 2, Konnor Scroggins 2, Kevin Sherrill 2, Kevin DePopas 1, Anthony Mangili 1.
Assists. Team Blue: John Scheich 3, Dave Dโ€™Alessandro 2, Cam Feldman 2, Austin Hardy 1, Gage Mason 1, Joseph Pazl 1, Sam Pulliam 1, Steven Ridolpho 1.
Team Black: Josh Campbell 2, Konnor Scroggins 2, Michael Italiano 1, Alex Vanderhoff 1. Saves. Team Black Partrick Kiernan 14, William Anderson 10 Team Blue: Graham Kawula 13, Jordan Taylor 7.
MVPโ€™S Offense MVP Steven Ridolfo, Providence High School. Defense MVP Jordan Taylor, Ardrey Kell High School.

2009 The 4th Annual NC Great 38. Sunday, May 31 at Ardrey Kell High School, Charlotte, NC.
Team Black 19, Team Blue 17
Goals Team Black 19: Taylor Bethea 6, Jack Gibbs 3, Matt Enzweiler 2, Jack Teasdale 2, Patrick Mueller 1, Connor Bennett 1, Hadley Jennings 1, Zach Sweet 1, Craig Loeber 1, Andy Metzger 1. Team Blue 17: Bill Nifong 6, Tucker Hull 2, Kip Haddock 2, Robert Aycock 1, Kevin Hornik 1, Miladd Hafezi 1, Derek Watts 1, Taylor Barker 1, Will Baker 1,
Ty Baugh 1. Assists: Team Black: Jimmy Core 2, Connor Bennett 2, Patrick Mueller 1, John Haus 1, Craig Loeber 1. Team Blue: Tucker Hull 3, Derek Watts 2, Jackson Bunn 2, Kevin Hornik 1, Miladd Hafezi 1, Ty Baugh 1.โ€จSaves. Team Black RJ Barnett 8, Addison Williams 9. Team Blue: Josh Liptak 8, Pete Wesselman 7.
Offense MVP Taylor Bethea, Christ School. Defense MVP Spencer Patrick, Providence Day School.

2008 The 3rd Annual NC Great 38. Saturday, May 31 at Queens University, Charlotte, NC
Team Blue 15, Team Black 11
GOALS Blue: AJ Tingle 4, Ryan Slay 3, Matt Love 2, Jonathan Elsasser 2, Logan Corey, Brett Kelley, Quinn Struble, Parker Wilson. Black: RJ Sweeney, 3, Austin Whitsell 2,
Colin Bosse 2, William Scroggs, Grant Fowler, Michael Sawyer, Chris Michell.โ€จ
ASSISTS Blue: AJ Tingle 2, Matt Love 2, Logan Corey 2, Andrew Tanneberger, Brett Kelley, Jonathan Elsasser. Black: Michael Sawyer 2, Russell Cummings.
SAVES Blue: Merrick Reiland 11, Bryan Romaine 8. Black: Kyle Goddard 6, Matt Patterson 6
Offense MVP: AJ Tingle, Green Hope High School. Defense MVP: Merrick Reiland, Cardinal Gibbons High School

2007 The 2nd Annual NC Great 38. Sunday, June 2 at Queens University, Charlotte, NC
Team Black 19, Team Blue 11
Goals: Team Blue: Seph Secoura 2, Tim Woolley 2, Casey Leeper 2,Lance Landvater 2, Tony Mendes, Kyle Knoll, John Chipouras. Team Black: Andrew Tanneberger 3,
Bob Kercher 3, Ian Grady 3, BJ Leighton 2, Josh Tomlinson 2, Patrick Cavanaugh 2, Mark Bowler 2, Brian Reynolds, Kyle Rockey.
Assists: Team Blue: Tony Mendes 3, Tim Woolley, Taylor Mendoza,Seph Secoura, Mike James. Team Black: Chase Hayes 2, Mark Bowler, Brian Reynolds, Bob Kercher.
Offense MVP: Anthony Mendes-East Chapel Hill. Defense MVP: Stepen Thorn-Cardinal Gibbons

2006 The First Ever NC Great 38. Sunday, June 10 at Ardrey Kell High School, Charlotte, NC
Team Blue 13, Team Black 10
Goals: Team Blue-Joe Howard 4; McKenzie Mann 2; Hayes Ashcraft 2; Chris Ragazzo 1; Nick Desper 1; Zachary Garcia 1; Michael Sawyer 1; Brandon Phelps 1
Team Black: Brian Foley 2; Tommy Dโ€™Alessandro 2; Colin Sherwood 2; Wiatt Farrar 1; Even Helda 1; Whit Kelly 1; Nick Patrone 1
Assists: Team Blue- Chase Hayes 3; Jordan Williams 2; Chris Ragazzo 2; Joe Howard 1; McKenzie Mann 1; Michael Sawyer 1; Hayes Ashcraft 1 Team Black: Andrew Shaw 2; Tommy Dโ€™Alessandro2; Nick Patrone 1; Wiatt Farrar 1
Offense MVP: Joe Howard-CE Jordan HS. Defense MVP: Wally McGregor-East Chapel Hill HS
4A PLAYOFFS wrote on May 10, 2017 at 11:30 am:
Charlotte Catholic with a very big win over NW Guilford. Apex also with a nice win. I must admit I didn't expect the Hoggard 21-6 over Leesville. I think it will be MC vs CG in the East and Lake Norman vs Char. Catholic in the West. Should be a fun Friday night!
RedRocket wrote on May 10, 2017 at 3:26 am:
I'm back and here to stay! Some upsets, close games, and some blowouts to start it off Catholic beats NWG, LN beats AK in a nail biter, and Weddington blows out Marvin Ridge. I also have to add that Lil Lax was wrong on a lot of the predictions not trying to hate but to be real.